Abatement - Termination of a nuisance or problem

ACM - Asbestos Containing Material

AHERA - The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Act passed by Congress in 1986.

Asbestosis - A scarring of the lungs caused by prolonged exposure to asbestos that takes years after exposure to become symptomatic

CERCLA - The Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act also known as Superfund.

EPA - The Environmental Protection Agency

EHSD - The Environmental Health and Safety Division

Friable Asbestos Material - Material containing more than 1% asbestos that can be crumbled by hand.

HEPA Filter - High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter used for vacuums, air purifiers and ventilation systems

Mesothelioma - A malignant tumor of the covering of the lung or the lining of the pleural and abdominal cavities, often associated with exposure to asbestos.

Mold - A growth of minute fungi forming on plant or animal matter

Mycotoxin - A toxic substance produced by certain fungi that can be carried on airborne spores.

NARS - National Asbestos Registry System

NESHAP - The National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants

NIOSH - The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

OSHA - Occupational Health and Safety Administration

RACM - Regulated Asbestos Containing Material

RCRA - The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Remediation - Removing an hazardous condition or containing it

Spores - The reproductive particles that come from molds and other fungi causing severe allergic reactions in some people and asthma in others.

TSCA - The Toxic Substances Control Act