Mold Remediation Chicago

We are a Chicago mold remediation company serving the entire city and the surrounding area. If you have contamination in your home or building, or suspect that you have it, call us right away for a free inspection and testing – 24 hour turnaround. Mold can pose serious health threats and should never be ignored.

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For Chicago mold remediation, we are a full service contractor with 30 years of experience. Regardless of the size of the building and the extent of the problem, we are the team to rid your home or building of any growth that is visible or only suspected. Our testing procedures will determine if growth is present in areas that are not visible but potentially hazardous to the health of all occupants of the structure.

If you or anyone else in your family have been experiencing unexplained respiratory distress while in your home, there is a good chance that mold may be the cause. Although some indication may be signaled by a musty odor, not all growths have a scent. Some are completely odorless. These growths release invisible spores into the atmosphere and can get into ventilation systems where they thrive and spread allergens and even toxins throughout an entire building.

We can perform mold remediation in Chicago even in these critical situations. We will remove all contamination in the following:
  • Schools - We perform remediation in area schools and other institutions where the greatest health threats can occur.
  • Commercial buildings - Ventilation systems can become contaminated. Mold can grow on the backs of ceiling tiles from air conditioning duct leaks and roof leaks.
  • Theaters, churches and meeting halls - Places where large groups gather pose a great risk if ventilation systems are compromised. We will perform regularly scheduled tests of the inside air to ensure the safety of the space.
  • Residential structures - People in homes may be living in very close proximity to areas that are supporting growth. Even small outcroppings can cause great distress in certain individuals, especially those with asthma or a history of respiratory issues.
  • Manufacturing facilities - Many facilities have humid atmospheres that can promote rapid growth. Regularly scheduled testing can ensure worker safety and prevent costly shut downs.

We also perform Chicago mold remediation of outbreaks caused by flooding. Many areas around Chicagoland have been subjected to flooding, especially in July 2011. This is the cause of level-four contamination in many homes and businesses that were at least partially under water for extended periods. This degree of contamination can lead to serious illness and irreversible damage to personal property and even the entire home or building could be condemned. If you have experienced even a few inches of flooding that lasted for more than a day, call us and we will give your home or facility a free inspection.

Contamination is a very serious matter and should never be taken lightly. Certain molds can even produce what are known as mycotoxins, which can cause neurological damage and even death in some individuals. Do not risk the health of your family, friends or employees by exposure. Call a professional abatement company, like us, as soon as a problem is suspected. We will remove the problem and help you to identify and correct the cause. Your health and safety are our primary concern.

For Chicago mold remediation, call now at 630-308-2620
We will provide a free testing and estimate

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