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If you need a Naperville mold remediation company, you can trust our highly trained technicians to eliminate the problem and keep your family safe. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms, the problem could be airborne mold spores. Get help fast – call us today.

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As an established Naperville mold remediation company, we know which steps to take to remove the problem effectively and completely. The degree of the problem will determine the methods and safety measures used in the remediation process. Do not remove a large area of growth by yourself or trust an amateur.

The severity of the growth is classified into four groups that are determined by the total square footage of the affected area:
  • Level 1: 10 square feet or less
  • Level 2: 10-30 square feet
  • Level 3: 30-100 square feet
  • Level 4: greater than 100 square feet

Our removal crews are required to utilize certain precautions, depending on the degree of graduation and the classification level. The fourth level is the most severe, requiring extensive precautions, and is usually caused by flooding.

Our Naperville mold remediation company proceeds with the following actions:
  • Assessment. This is required to make the determination of the presence, or suspected presence, of mold and the degree of severity. Mold could be present if people in the home or building have allergy symptoms, if there is a musty odor, or if there has been flooding in the past. The process of visual identification is called non-intrusive assessment. If there is an odor, it is easier to find the problem, even if you cannot see it. But not all growths emit that characteristic musty smell. Some are completely odorless and can grow within walls, under eaves, in dark basements, behind paneling and wall coverings, and under carpets. They can be present for extensive periods, without ever being suspected. Finding these problems often takes intrusive assessment such as breaking drywall or removing wall coverings.
  • Sampling. There are three types of sampling used to check the extent of contamination. These are: air sampling; surface sampling; and bulk sampling. Air sampling is the most common type of testing. Air samples are collected both inside and outside and compared for spore concentration levels. This is a good way to determine the presence of hidden growths. Surface sampling measures the amount of spores deposited on surfaces like baseboards, tall furniture and other areas that are not frequently cleaned. Bulk sampling is when materials are physically removed for testing of concentrations in the particular item.
  • Remediation. Small areas of contamination can often be handled by exposure to sunlight, proper ventilation, household cleaners and dehumidifiers. If the area of contamination is substantial or hidden, professionals like us need to be brought in to handle the problem. The methods that we will use may include biocides, wiping down, and dry ice blasting, or vacuuming with HEPA vacuums. Materials that are irreparable will be sealed up, to prevent airborne contamination, and disposed of properly.

As a professional Naperville mold remediation company, your health and safety is our priority. Left alone, mold can become a very serious problem. It can cause allergic reactions, difficulty breathing and even toxic reaction from mycotoxin, causing neurological damage and even death. If the moisture associated with these growths is allowed to remain present for an extended period, rot and other damage may occur.

Damp areas also attract damaging fungi and insects. If you should notice a musty smell in your home or business, have unexplained respiratory distress while you are indoors, or have experienced flooding or water intrusions recently, call us right away for a free inspection. It could make the difference between feeling good or suffering illness. You and your family deserve the best, uncompromised health.

If you need a Naperville mold remediation company, call 630-308-2620
We are pleased to offer a free estimate

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