Removal of Mold in Aurora

Removal of mold in Aurora is necessary whenever growth is present indoors in a home or building. It can grow and release spores into the atmosphere, posing a serious health hazard. It is also destructive. We can clean up any problem you may have, and we can effectively prevent it from recurring.

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Removal of mold in Aurora is becoming more important to homeowners as its health effects become more widely understood. We have the expertise and tools to destroy and remove it completely so that it will not be a recurring problem in your home.

Mold is a ubiquitous fungus in nature that breaks down dead leaves, wood and other organic matter. It reproduces by releasing spores into the atmosphere that are invisible to the naked eye. These spores travel through the air and will adhere to any surface that is damp or wet.

The spores will then grow and multiply. Outdoors, the quantity of spores in the air is not usually a problem, except after extreme conditions like flooding. Indoors however, these spores can become concentrated and lead to allergic and even toxic reactions. In people with asthma, they can cause chronic breathing problems.

Eliminating any sources of dampness in the home will prevent growth. Without moisture, it will not survive; however it can remain dormant for a long period of time until the moisture returns. Call us today if you have concerns. We have the resources and certification to eliminate the problem.

For removal of mold in Aurora to be effective and remain so, the source of the moisture must first be eliminated completely. This is sometimes very difficult and may require a contractor such as a plumber or roofer to work ahead of our remediation team. We can help to find that contractor as part of our service.

Mold removal may be necessary in any part of the home and even in places that you would never expect. Some of the most common occurrences of this problem are found in the following places:
  • Bathrooms. Most of us have battled invasions in the shower and have been frustrated by constantly spraying smelly chlorine based products only to see the problem recur in a week or two. Increasing the ventilation in the room and leaving it on with a timer after using the shower will discourage the growth. It takes a professional like us who can clean deep into the tile grout and destroy it completely to correct the problem permanently.
  • Basements. Basements are inherently damp in many cases and also can leak. Mold does not require light to grow. In fact it prefers little or no sunlight. This makes basements the perfect environment. A dehumidifier will help a great deal for most damp basements. Sealing off leaks must first be done before remediation takes place or it will be a futile effort.
  • Leaky pipes. Removal of mold in Aurora is important under sinks or even inside walls. If there is even a slow drip of water, growth will flourish. A few drops per day can irrigate a small fuzz farm under your kitchen sink.
  • Walls, attics and eaves. Ice damming of gutters in the winter, and roof leaks, can allow moisture in the structure. Wherever there is air, there are spores waiting to find moisture, even inside walls. These colonies are not seen or smelled at times because of their locations and can grow rapidly before discovery. By then it may require demolition and reconstruction of a wall or soffit due to rotting. A scheduled regular roof inspection would prevent this.
  • Ventilation systems. This is where growth becomes a most serious issue. Mold spores from growth elsewhere are sucked into vents, in which there is a damp atmosphere. They thrive and grow throughout the entire system and release more spores that are circulated throughout every room, causing allergic reactions and breathing difficulties. Fortunately through special procedures and use of biocides, we can remediate these issues.

You will need immediate removal of mold in Aurora if you have a musty smell in your home; see a black or gray powdery or fuzzy substance growing inside; or if you have experienced any recent flooding. Call us immediately and we will eliminate this hazard and show you what you can do to prevent it from ever recurring. We are the remediation specialists and want to rid you of this health threat to you and your family.

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